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What is Crystal Journey?

Crystal Journey uses Theta and Hypnosis techniques to guide the client on a past life experience. Using both techniques allows the client to have a visual and experiential journey to a place created by their own mind. Since vibration and energy are what connects us to this deeper part of our psyche, crystals are laid around and on the client to enhance the energy, creating a more connected experience for the client.


Past Life Regression has its roots based on a spiritual or religious concept, but a good number of mental health professionals or rationalists believe there is a scientific source to the technique as well which involves the process of the human mind's ability to retain information over generations of life times, by repressing them to the unconscious of subconscious, an analogy similar to information being carried over in DNA that often leads to unexplainable characteristics or behaviors in an individual which cannot be traced to their immediate parenthood. Renuka Gupta, a Toronto based Psychotherapist shares the modern rising view of quantum physics that almost everything that we regard as a living or non living physical entity is a structure of molecules closely bounded with gravitational force and thus energies. Energy does not die but transforms from one form to another.

In the West, past-life regression practitioners use hypnosis and suggestion to promote recall in their patients, using a series of questions designed to elicit statements and memories about the past life's history and identity. Some practitioners also use bridging techniques from a client’s current-life problem to bring "past-life stories" to conscious awareness. 

Crystal Journey training teaches the process for taking a client through this experiential journey.    

     Learn how to lay the crystals and connect the grid.

     Use Theta to place client in an awake Theta dream state.

     Use hypnosis techniques to guide the client through the experience.

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