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Stansbury Park, Utah     Group is currently not meeting.  Check back this Fall.

TUESDAYS: 7:00 to 9:00pm Message below for more detailed informtion.

Each week we come together to share energy and lift each other in high vibration. We share information, life experiences, and study a metaphysical aspect each week. We openly look at different beliefs, work together to strengthen our psychic abilities, and learn about the physical tools we can use to assist us in our daily lives; Healing Modalities, Oils, Stones, Massage, Herbs, Meditation, and many other aspects.

We create an environment to learn, discuss our truths, and celebrate each other as we journey together. Imagine taking these new skills into your workplace, sharing with your family and friends, and celebrating a newer version of yourself.

I invite you to join us and share your experiences.

Alice Christensen

Inner Chi Healing           (435) 224-2195


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