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Stansbury Park, Utah
MONDAYS: 7:00 to 9:00pm  Starting October 17 to December 12, 2016 continuing every Monday

Learn and discuss helpful ways to live in today’s fast paced, stressed out, and personal communication challenged world.

  • Do you know and recognize your balance point?
  • What do you do when you are out of balance?
  • Do you ever challenge your beliefs?
  • Are there beliefs you are ready to let go of?
  • What does meditation mean to you?
  • Are you up to personally challenging yourself on a daily basis?

Each week we will look at specific beliefs that affect us all. Understand where they come from, and how they affect us today. We will learn simple daily practices to help us shift into a truer version of ourselves.

We will create an environment to learn, discuss our truths, and celebrate each other as we journey together. Imagine taking these new skills into your workplace, sharing with your family and friends, and celebrating a newer version of yourself.

I challenge you to take this journey, journal your experience and discover new possibilities.  There is no cost to you, so why not take the challenge?

Alice Christensen

Inner Chi Healing           (435) 224-2195

 Share Group ~ 7:00pm to  9:00pm  ~  First Monday of Every Month

(November 7 and December 5 2016)


                  Energy Share Night - Practitioners are not charged. Anyone is welcome to share their gifts.


The first Monday of each month we do an energy share night.  Many of our members have been trained in many different modalities, so it is a night we set aside to share our gifts with each other and our guests.  We invite you to join us and experience something old, new or just a favorite.  We all experience high energy levels and personal healing.  Cost is $10.00 for multiple 20 minute sessions.

Stansbury Park, Utah  Contact us for address. 

Our purpose is to come together and share our own uniqueness with each other

To support and learn how to show unconditional love towards one another

To expand and create our knowledge for our own inner wisdom


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