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Sacred Breath Journey    

Sacred Breath of Rebirth

A Journey to a new level of understanding YOU

Through years of reading, trainings, personal experiences, and journaling life’s unanswered questions, it seemed as if it was all just a million piece jigsaw puzzle that was impossible to put together. Ever felt that way your self? I believe that we will always seek the deeper meaning to life as we see it. But I discovered through prayer, meditation and reviewing volumes of journaling, some basic practices, and gifts to assist. I was awakened by a beautiful vision shared with me by Suzanne Thatcher Andrus. Everything she saw in her nightly visions, were exactly what I had journaled years before. Through this connection we were able to re-remember a sacred journey we have taken many times before. The Sacred Breath is a re-remembrance of a way of life. Following the path of least resistance, showing compassion, unconditional love, and hope for the tomorrow we are all creating. The vision of Heaven on Earth.

We open our heart centers to share with you this journey. Through trainings, ceremony, retreats, and celebration, our desire is that you too will re-remember this sacred way of life.

We offer:      Sharing Our Vision

Trainings for the Sacred Breath

Sacred Breath Ceremony

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