Inner Chi Healing 

Healing From Within

Hi my name is Alice Christensen, I am the Owner, Practitioner, and Teacher of "Inner Chi Healing".  (Pronounced Inner Chee like Energy Healing).

I began my spiritual journey in earnest in 1994.  I think all of us have experienced many spiritual moments through out our lives.  At this time in my life I was questioning everything and wanted more answers.  There had to be more to this thing called life.

By intention and asking my questions from deep within, I began an amazing journey.  I read the whole gambit of metaphysical books, by old and new authors.  I took training's from some of today’s experts in the field.  I filled my tool chest with skills and knowledge, which dramatically changed my life.  Through intention I sought my God, Creator, and found an amazing reality outside my five senses.  Through that connection I have been guided to meet and share with most amazing people on this planet, and for that I am so grateful.  It is my hope that as you review my offerings, spirit will guide you to share your amazing beauty with us also.  We are one, we are family, and we must all seek the connection that we share.

Energy is Love Podcast Episode 10- "Alice Christensen"