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Energy work is known by many terms and cultures and has been around for thousands of years.  Energy work is a method used to "tune up" the electrical and magnetic  systems that run in and through the body for greater health and clarity.  Whether it is called, Chi, Life Force, Prana, Vibrational, Spirit or Soul work, it is also known as the power of the divine or that invisible connection to source.  It is all the same, the fabric woven through all living things that makes our sojourn through this earthly journey possible.  We invite you to experience and gain personal knowledge in the field of energy work and discover the healing and balance you can bring into your own life.


Inner Chi Healing is the proud sponsor of Tooele County's "Mind Body Awareness Expo"  coming in September 2015.  Be sure to visit our Mind Body Awareness Expo Tab to follow all the offerings that will be available.

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